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Amazing getaways for the Members of Majestic Slots

The slots spins on Majestic slots are a bit more exhilarating, because they are associated with higher payouts, amazing promotions and offers especially for regular players.


To keep the players satisfied, the casino features a wide variety of the new and improved slots games, with better features and realistic sound and light effects.  And the rewards enable us to double our deposit or make it even better. So, when you keep depositing continuous, you can grab more bonus winnings and go along way.


Members of the majestic casino are usually offered wide range of special bonus deals, amazing non cash benefits like free entry for live tournaments and progressive jackpots and other loyalty or VIP rewards. So, it is highly recommended that you deposit and play regularly. Because, as you keep depositing and spinning the reels you are given comp points. Over time, you will gather enough points to redeem for real cash. This is an exclusive bonus for regular majestic slots players. So, make the most of it visit us at www.majesticslots.co.za !


Comp points or complementary points are not a new thing!


There are many online and land casinos that give away these points to their regular players as a token of their loyalty. Most of us just register new players to earn bonuses, but often ignore the comp points that keep growing. While, the experienced and professional players use them wisely.


Unlike the other deals and offers, comp points have very minimal requirements. But it is recommended to carefully go through the terms and conditions and understand them. So, make a deposit and every time you bet some points are credited. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for real cash.


Majestic slots have always been associated with special promotions and special welcome packages especially for slots. Some of them are earning 2x comp points by playing the game of the month. 100%  mobile bonus, 20% cash back on Saturdays and many more. You will come across new and improved offers every time you play. So, take some time out daily from your busy schedule and play slots, to win some extra money.