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Free casino chips

The online casino web sites are very popular with the people and you will find millions of online casino sites such as New Online Casinos in the internet. This vast numbers of online casino web sites have given rise to enormous amount of competition among the owners of the online casino web sites. In order to retain as well as attract the new aspirants to the web sites the online casino web site owners have come out with a number of promotional activities. In this article we giver below the details about such schemes so that the players of the games of chances can have some idea of the playing rules prior to their registering with the casino web sites.

No Deposit Scheme


This scheme is primarily framed for the new aspirants of the games of casino. Since the new players of the games gambling happen to be shaky lacking the confidence of playing the gambling games casino web sites offer them free initial deposit to their account so that they can play for free. The aim of such schemes is to drag the new players to the world of casino games so that they can be converted into regular players of the online casino web site New Online Casinos. There may of course be some hitch that the casino web site owner may ask for your credit card details.


Matching bonus on deposit


In this scheme the online casino web site owners deposit some percentage of the deposit money that the players deposit in their account with the casino web sites. As for example if the player deposits an amount of $100 the owner of the casino web site will deposit $200 in his account for motivating the player to play and wager so that in course of time he may change into a seasoned player.


Un-cashable bonus


This is a kind of sticky bonus meaning that the players are not allowed to withdraw the amount from their account. The advantage of such bonus scheme is that your balance amount in the account is increased and you are able to wager more amount as the wagering amount depends on the balance amount of your account. In this way the casino web site owners make arrangement for the new players to play for free and get the expertise of playing the casino games with the hope that such players will be the future permanent players of the casino web sites New Online Casinos.